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DAD860 & DAD860A Digital to Analog Decoder



  • High quality, low noise, frequency agile, digital to analog decoder designed to receive digital signals fromoff-air ATSC broadcast stations or clear QAM CATV systems and decode them to analog NTSC video andstereo audio
  • DAD 860 video and stereo audio output can then be connected to a modulator, such as VMM600 orVMM860 series to remodulate the now analog output to the desired off-air or CATV output channel from54 MHz to 860 MHz in either broadcast or CATV channel plans
  • Can also be connected to other devices accepting analog video and stereo audio inputs such as videorecorders, monitors, etc.
  • Housed and powered in RMM4 chassis with integrated power supply or the RMM12 chassis and PSM121power supply
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Model #
  • DAD860

    DAD860 Digital Decoder, (Digital to Analog)

  • DAD860A

    DAD860A Digital Decoder, (Digital to Analog) with ASI output