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TIBA-37-1000 2 Way Broadband Distribution Amplifier

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  • 54-1000 MHz forward path, 5-42 MHz reverse 
  • 36 dB forward gain, 24 dB reverse
  • Plug-in attenuators and equalizers
  • Variable gain and slope controls
  • GaAs power doubling technology (forward)
  • Separate UL listed universal power supply
  • Extruded aluminum housing with heat sink for optimum heat dissipation

Product Description

The Toner TIBA-37-1000 distribution amplifier is the latest addition to the Toner line of amplifiers.

The TIBA amp features high performance GaAs-Hybrid for improved performance and better distortion characteristics. The amplifier is supplied with a 42/54 MHz diplex filter for 2 way operation. It has a forward gain of 37 dB and a reverse gain of 24 dB for use in 2 way systems.  The more
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