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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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Custom Digital Headends by Toner

Custom Digital Headends

As the industry started to transition to Digital TV so did Toner Cable Equipment. Having started custom building headends for customers back in 1978, it was only natural that we would also build Digital Headends. What a learning experience this was! Compared to Digital, Analog was simple and easy.

Digital was a whole new world, we had to invest in different Test Equipment, our satellite antennas needed to be upgraded, our wiring methods changed and it seemed we had to learn an entire new language with all the digital acronyms. ASI, SDI, EdgeQAM, PID, PSIP, DVB, TVCT tables and so on. They all had to be understood and we had to explain these technologies to our customers.

Transiting to Digital has many advantages as well. There are many options for settops and conditional access systems, Emergency alert solutions are easier to deploy, the channel capacity will remain the same but the number of programs can increase dramatically if needed and additional services can be offered. Small cable systems can deploy Digital Ad insertion and realize a quick return on their investment. Smaller operators can compete with the big guys without going broke.

Now having commissioned hundreds of digital headends in the past 4 years we believe we are as experienced and knowledgeable to build your headend

If you are considering the transition to Digital or even just looking at adding a few Digital programs to your offering, give us a call 

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