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Custom IPTV Headends by Toner

Custom IPTV Headend

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) headends are how Digital TV signals are collected and processed for distribution over an IP network or Ethernet. IPTV is not Television over the internet although that is possible. IPTV uses the Internet Protocol for the format and transmission of programs over a private network such as a Ethernet. Ethernet networks use unshielded twisted pair wire (UTP) which is most often called CAT-5 wire (CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 and even CAT7 is now used)

Typically an IPTV headend uses the same sources for content as an analog or Digital headend. These can be local Broadcast programs, Satellite delivered programs or local origination programs, they are then processed and instead of outputting on a modulator (analog or digital) they are output as a IP Data stream. These data streams are combined using a Ethernet switch which acts like a “combiner”. The wiring at this point is some form of CAT5 cable but for performance reasons it should be shielded CAT5 or CAT 6 cable to prevent cross talk or unwanted artifacts.

Once all the programs are processed they then are connected to the Ethernet network. Often a “Middleware” is required to manage the programs and other functionality of the network. The middleware allows the customers to select Programs by the traditional method of Chanel number and or Name such as Chanel 34, ESPN as opposed to a IP address such as 192.168.754.228

Then to connect to the Ethernet network a TV will need a IP Settop converter. The IP settop has a standard RJ-45 Network connection and either a HDMI output to the TV or a traditional Channel 3 or 4 RF connection. The IP settop interfaces with the Middleware so as to give the customer a easy way of navigating programs and options on the IPTV system.

IPTV systems can be simple or complex depending on the requirements of the customer. Toner has been building and commissioning IPTV headends since 2009 for our customers world wide

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