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At Toner Cable Equipment Inc you can find a range of decoders for almost any application from a IPTV setback decoder to a very low latency H.264 Satellite receiver (decoder).

A decoder receives a digitally compressed program either in MPEG2 (SD or HD) or MPEG4 (SD) H.264 (HD) and decompresses (decodes) the signal so that it can be displayed or processed in other equipment.

The most common decoder is the everyday Digital Set top box which receives the digital signal from the cable company or satellite company and outputs it in a format compatible with a TV. Today most of these settops decode both SD and HD content and can decode MPEG2 or MPEG4.

When an IPTV system is deployed it is often necessary to use a IPTV decoder to receive the signals and deliver them to the TV. These IP decoders often have a video output, Channel 3 or 4 RF and a HDMI Output.

Back in the headend or broadcast facility a Decoder is used to receive the program via a satellite antenna or even from a Fiber link. These are much higher end decoders that can often receive multiple program transport streams (MPTS) and or Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS). Some of these decoders can receive MPEG4 programs and Transcode them to MPEG2 which makes it easier to distribute.

Digital decoders (also called receivers) generally work with all the current standards such as H.264, MPEG2 and MPEG4 and many have multiple outputs such as IP, Composite video, SDI or HDSDI, ASI and Component video.

Regardless of the use or application you will find the decoder to fill your requirements at Toner Cable Equipment Inc. For more information on SD encoders and HD encoders, contact Toner representatives for assistance.