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A Digital Demodulator is an electronic devices that take a modulated signal, whether it is 8VSB, QAM, or QPSK, and demodulates it into its base format that can be either an analog format (such as audio/video) or a digital format (such as ASI, or SDI, HDSDI).

These devices are used in headends, to process digital television signals and are typically used to receive the signal and process it into another format by means of demodulation and then remodulation. The demodulators that can be found on our website typically take 8VSB or QAM and demodulate them into an analog, and/or and ASI signal. We also offer other demodulators that take a QPSK signal, which is a satellite delivered signal that demodulate them into an analog signal, digital signal such as ASI, a digital signal such as IP, or even an HD SDI signal.

Here at Toner, we have a vast range of digitaldemodulators from a number of different manufacturers from around the world including: Blonder Tongue, RL Drake, Ktech Communications, Pico Macom, Toner Cable, Harris and others. For an entire list of manufacturers we carry, please feel free to browse through our website of contact us by phone or email.

The reason why people from around the world come to Toner Cable for demodulation equipment is because of the fact that we stock these products and keep them in stock for when our customers need them the most. We always keep a large number of demodulators on the shelf, ready for immediate shipment. Our sales department is very knowledgeable in regards to the use and applications of demodulators, as well as all other products that can be found on our website. Customers very often come to us with a need for a solution and we explain to them what may be the best demodulator for their specific need.