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Digital Processors

Digital Processors

Processors are devices that take an input signal, process it, and output it either on the same format or a different format. In the case of digital TV, we have processors that take an 8VSB signal (also known as an ATSC and converts it to a QAM signal like a transcoder would do. We also have 8VSB digital processors that receive an 8VSB signal and output it into an ASI signal. We also carry 8VSB digital processors that are used to convert from one 8VSB to another 8VSB channel. We also offer processors that are extremely powerful computing devices that are used to manipulate and retransmit different digital video signals. Some of them can be quite simple, while others can be more complex. Digital video processors are often used for digital ad insertion using the RGB BMP series processor that performs digital splicing.

Also available on our website are simulcast edge-processor that is used to bulk transcode QAM digital signals over to analog NTSC signals often used in cable systems where analog is desired at the motel, hotel, or multi-dwelling unit type application. Digital up and down converters are also available on our website. These converters, when paired together, create a digital processor. STI processors are available for customers. These processors are used to control signal noise. We also carry processors that are used to split signals multiple ways as well as amplify and process them.

If it seems like we offer many digital processing solutions, than you are absolutely correct! The number of processors available on the Toner Cable Equipment website is unlimited, which is why we consider ourselves the number one source for digital processing equipment for broadcast use. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding the digital processing equipment available on our website. Our website is the place you will buy digital processors, buy headend electronics and much more! Please browse our site to find all cable equipment needed to make you successful.