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Fiber Optic Cable Splitters

Fiber Couplers

Fiber couplers, splitters and multiplexers are used for the distribution and aggregation of fiber optic signals. A fiber optic coupler, also known as a fiber optic spliter, is a device that will take a single optical input and generate multiple optical outputs. They range from a 1x2 fiber optic coupler, to a 1x64 optic coupler. Couplers can vary the amount of signal sent to each port. For example, on a 1x2 coupler, we can have a 50/50 split- 50% of the signal goes to one port, while 50% goes to the other port. It can also have a 90/10 split, with 90% of the signal going to one port, while 10% goes to the other. Whether it is a fiber optic coupler or fiber optic splitter, these all work the same way. These devices are available with multiple connector types including SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/ACP, ST, SC, MU and many other fiber connector types available in the industry today. These are often used in digital cable TV systems and can be considered digital optical splitters; however, they are used specifically for fiber optics.

We also have multiplexers that are used to either separate, and/or combine different frequencies. Typically, these frequencies will be 1310 or 1550 nanometer, and we also carry multiplexers that will do multiple light frequencies including 1410, 1390, 1550, 1640, and many more. We are also proud to carry course wave division multiplexers (CWDM) which are used to combine and/or separate different wavelengths of light while using the ITU standard for CWDM. You can also find Densewave division multiplexers (DWDM) on our website. These utilize the light frequencies as specified in the ITU union for DWDM. Others can also be found including: PON splitters, G-pon splitter, fusion splicers, LG cassette type splitters/couplers and more. Overall, we offer an entire range of digital optic cable splitter equipment for our customers, whether they are designed for a fusion splice, or if they have a connector to allow them to be plugged into the networks.

 Digital multiplexors are devices utilized in a digital solution such as a headend or broadcast facility that are used to aggregate multiple ASI signals or IP signals (either SPTS or MPTS). A multiplexer has multiple ASI or IP inputs and has a program that will allow the user to select different programs from those inputs and output them to generate a package of programming that is normally fit into a modulator or multiple modulators for distribution in a cable plant. Additionally, a multiplexer often is able to encrypt the contents for conditional access using standard scrambling algorithms.  They will work in an IP TV application, feature ASI inputs, are flexible and easy to configure. A multiplexer can also insert an EPG or Electronic Program Guide used in telephone and IP TV solutions (hotels, motels, etc.), broadband cable TV, satellite digital TV solutions, Terrestrial digital TV solutions, cable TV digital TV solutions, IP/MPEG Transport and an unlimited number of applications!

Our entire staff is knowledgeable about digital optic cable splitters and can answer any question regarding the products available on our website. Whether you need assistance with a fiber node, a coax to fiber converter, or anything else, we can help!