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Racks and enclosures are the equipment mounting solutions for all types of 19” Rackmount equipment. These systems can be as simple and a light weight relay rack to a fully enclosed fully integrated custom system with a roll out and rotating rack assembly.

At Toner Cable Equipment Inc. you will find a vast range of racks and enclosures from several leading manufacturers such as Middle Atlantic, Premier Metal, Video Mount, Winsted, and Toner. You will often find quite a lot of racks and enclosures in stock or shipping in only 2 or 3 days.

A rack and enclosure system is a lot more than some metal bolted together with a bunch of mounting holes. In today’s environments a system need to address aesthetics, ease of installation, environmental requirements, cable management, thermal issues, power systems and distribution, structural requirements and seismic/ code requirements. When building a system whether it is a 500 channel Cable TV system, a data center or a simple AV solution all these considerations should be addressed up front.

When deciding on a rack for your equipment mounting the first choice is deciding on the amount of equipment mounting space is required. Often people do not allow for a single rack mount space between equipment for heat dissipation and ventilation. Failing to do so can severely shorten the life of the equipment in the rack. This often results in expensive repairs or replacements down the road. Also deciding on what accessories are needed such as Power strips, blank panels, mounting screws, shelves for non-rack mount equipment, lacing bars, grounding, custom equipment mounting and fans for ventilation are all part of what you should be discussing with your sales rep.

Today’s rack enclosures offer an almost unlimited choice of options such as size, finish, color, doors, side panels mounting accessories, space and height to fit just about every installation. At Toner Cable Equipment you will find help with all the different options and accessories.