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T9261-D Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC, 1080i MPEG2 Decoder

T9261-D supports streaming via Gigabit Ethernet, optional mPCIe WiFi or LTE interfaces.

Media playback from the on-board SD card, optional USB, mSATA hard drive, or network mounted storage enables playback of 4K Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC or 1080i MPEG 2.

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FlexLink S2B L8:24 L-Band Matrix Switch

FlexLink S2B Matrix Switch now with extended frequency range 850-2450 MHz

Efficient, reliable and space saving solution for today's and future L-band signal management applications and allows to switch/route up to 8 independent L-Band signals to up to 24 outputs.

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