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In an effort to keep our customers abreast with the ever-changing telecommunications industry, Toner Cable Equipment provides press releases detailing our newest technologies and equipment.

DECEMBER 04, 2012

Broadband Internet Service - The Cable Modem's Job

A cable modem is an electronic device used by cable television companies for distribution of Internet service over their fiber optic - coax cable plant.  The Cable Modem uses RF signals to receive and transmit high speed data communications as opposed to an I/P network that uses CAT-5 type of...

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NOVEMBER 21, 2012

BNC Connector - Bayonet Neill-Concelman Connector

BNC connectors are round plugs with a bayonet-style locking system, used to terminate coaxial cables.  The miniature quick connect/disconnect RF connector minimizes wave reflection/loss for analog and serial digital interface video signals. The connector is named after its bayonet mount locking mechanism and its inventors:   Paul Neill of Bell Labs, inventor...

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NOVEMBER 14, 2012

Take a Look Inside a Coax Cable ...

Coax Cable is used to distribute TV signals from the Cable Company to your TV set and to connect the Dish to the Settop for satellite services. Coaxial cable is named because the cable has a center conductor that is centered in a outer conductor, separated by a insulation material called...

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NOVEMBER 12, 2012

DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite

Isn't it amazing that DBS television programming is distributed via a Satellite that is 22,300 miles in space?  Who were the Satellite Broadcasting Pioneers that brought Satellite TV into our homes? In 1969 Ted Turner purchased UHF television station, Channel 17 in Atlanta, which he called WTCG.  In 1976, the FCC...

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NOVEMBER 07, 2012

EAS - Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system in the United States put into place on January 1, 1997.   The system enables the President to address the public during a national emergency, and state and local authorities to broadcast severe weather and local alerts (SILVER or AMBER).   Corporations,...

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NOVEMBER 05, 2012

FCC Aeronautical Frequency Regulations in a Bandwidth

Did you know that in recent weeks, the FCC has begun an enhanced focus on Multichannel Cable Distribution Systems? They're looking for systems that emit or "leak" frequencies in the 108-137 and 225-400 MHz bands. These are the frequencies used by cable channels 14-16, 25-53, 98-99. Outside of the shielded cable delivery...

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OCTOBER 30, 2012

Fiber Optic Test & Cleaning Kit Advice from Indiana University

Chris Vanhook is a Campus Cable Technician at Indiana University.  Chris recently purchased a Toner Fiber Optic Test & Cleaning Kit to clean a connector which resulted in a drastic improvement in picture quality. Chris wrote the testimonial below to let other technicians know about the benefits he experienced using the...

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OCTOBER 26, 2012

CATV - Community Antenna Television

The first Cable TV systems started in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.  In the early days a Cable TV offered approximately 12 channels to their customers where TV signal reception with an antenna was not possible. Today most people get TV service from their local cable company.  CATV or Cable TV as we...

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OCTOBER 26, 2012

Do You Know What This Is?

The Jerrold Starcom 36 Cable TV Converter was lastest and greatest techie gadget in the late 1970s.  A relic from the pre-1,000 digital Cable TV days. The cable converter was mounted behind the television set and connected to the remote by a wire.  The viewer DID NOT have to get up...

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OCTOBER 25, 2012

Digital Signage Solutions ... Automating Public Information

Digital Signage is able to deliver state-of-the-art multimedia via broadband networks to digital menu boards and displays. Content distribution solutions have the ability to display television programming, menus, information and advertising in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, grade schools and universities. Today's digital signage is much more than just an...

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