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In an effort to keep our customers abreast with the ever-changing telecommunications industry, Toner Cable Equipment provides press releases detailing our newest technologies and equipment.

OCTOBER 03, 2012

What is HDMI ?

HDMI is an acronym that stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a connection between devices for delivering crystal-clear, digital Audio and Video via a single cable such as between a TV and a DVD Player. The development of HDMI began in April 2002 by several industry manufacturers such as...

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OCTOBER 02, 2012

The Difference Between RF Video and IP Video

As with everything else in the technology world, how we receive and view our video is changing. This leads to the question-which is better RF Video or IP Video? If you take away any inherent bias your answer is surprising: neither. Both have their place and here is why.  RF technology...

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