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Connectors must be installed on the ends of coaxial cable in order to connect it to your TV or another device. This connector is called a F connector and it is the only connector used in the USA. The connector that is put on the end of a cable is a F Male connector as the center conductor of the cable is the male part that connects to the female connector on a TV, settop box or splitter Up until about 8-10 years ago the Hex Crimp F connector was the preferred connection for RG-6 and RG-11 cables. It was inexpensive and easy to install.

This has changed with the advent of Digital TV systems. Now a Compression F connector is used as it has much higher performance which is especially important with Digital and HDTV. Compression F connectors are still easy to install and only cost a little more than Hex crimp connectors NOTE: Never use a knife or pliers to install a connector. They always result in picture-quality issues.

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