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What is HDMI ?

HDMI is an acronym that stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a connection between devices for delivering crystal-clear, digital Audio and Video via a single cable such as between a TV and a DVD Player.

The development of HDMI began in April 2002 by several industry manufacturers such as Sony, RCA, Philips and Toshiba. The goal was to develop a high speed two way digital interface to deliver HDTV on a single cable. Today the latest HDMI standard 1.4a has the capabilities for carrying Ethernet data, 3D video and 4K video resolutions far beyond 1080p In addition to HD Video, the HDMI interface also has HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection) used to prevent the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material. The HDMI technology uses a "hand shake" between the devices over the HDMI interface to protect the content. A device without the HDCP will not receive the HDMI content. Typically the HDMI connection is the last connection between a display (TV set or Monitor) and the content receiver/ player (Settop Box, DVD, Blueray Player, or Satellite Receiver). HDMI cables are normally high quality products. There are however some knockoff import cables that do not meet HDMI specifications. Quality HDMI Cable typically have the HDMI logo molded in the connector or imprinted on it.

 Most HDMI cable is in the 3" to 6" range but there are cables available up to 30". The distance a HDMI signal can be sent on a cable is dependent on the construction and quality of the cable. Normally the maximum distance is 10-12 meters. Greater distances typically require an amplifier or using converters to CAT5 or the best alternative: Fiber.

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