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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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Fully Customizable DNP100 HD Network Media Player for Community Channels

Have you ever wanted to have your own community channel to provide your subscribers, clientele and viewers with important information, public messages, revenue-generating advertisements and more?

The DNP100 Drake Network Player is a multi-faceted media player suite packaged in a small desktop housing about the same size as a VHS video tape (remember those?) that allows you to store video and image content, create custom layouts, construct your own video and slideshow playlists, and schedule playback to the minute. The DNP100 High Definition network media player is capable of playing multi-layered MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video streams at resolutions of 480p, 720p, or 1080i through multiple synchronized outputs including Component, HDMI, and VGA output ports. Simply connect your most trusted video encoder/modulator to deliver the enhanced bit rate SD or HD content for QAM Modulation and then combine with the rest of your system.

The DNP100 also includes the Drake Digital Signage Manager content management software.

This software will allow you to upload video content (MP2, MP4.2, MP4.10/H.264, WMV9), images (JPEG, GIF, PNG), and text. You can then build custom playlists for on-the-fly playback or schedule specific times for revenue-building and commercial advertising. The Drake Digital Signage Manager also allows you to create multi-layer screen layouts with as many as ten individual content zones, each capable of showing static images or slide shows, text, or RSS feeds. A full complement of pre-designed layouts comes standard with the software as well.

Loading content to the DNP100 is easy!

  • The Drake Digital Signage Manager control software can communicate directly through a network with a regular network cable, or directly from a laptop utilizing a cross-over cable.
  • For remote loading, direct content loading can be done by inserting the DNP100's standard 8GB main storage SD card into your PC and publishing your layout, playlists, and content onto it. Then remove the SD card and insert it into the SD slot on the DNP100.
  • A third way is to publish the aforementioned files and preferences onto a USB jump drive and then insert it into one of the two USB inputs on the DNP100*.

*DNP100 must be powered off before inserting USB jump drive. Call Home Feature, Remote out of Network Control, and other device management features available on Enterprise version of DCM Control Software Authored By Andy Morgan, Drake Digital

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