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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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Toner Cable a Distributor for ATX Networks

Toner Cable a Distributor for ATX Networks

ATX Networks is a company that manufactures, designs and markets an array of products for the use in both private video networks and global cable television. Their success is derived from their ability to maintain strong customer relationships and bring innovative solutions through their technology. As of recently, ATX Networks will be working with the distributor Toner Cable Equipment Inc. by introducing two of their many product lines in the UCrypt and VersAtive Pro Professional Quality Transcoder.

The UCrpyt is an extremely versatile bulk decryption and re-encryption product. It can intake QAM or IP and then output in QAM, IP or Analog. With regards to QAM or IP outputs, the product is able to output in both in the clear or re-encrypt using Pro-Idiom. The UCrypt has the ability to be monitored, managed or configured remotely through the HTTP-based management interface. In an IPTV System, the UCrypt can then be used to transmit directly to a network switch or utilize their transcoder the VersAtive Pro to groom the bits for the network switch.

The VersAtive Pro Professional transcoder is exactly what the name sounds like, versatile. It will take almost any input and give you a QAM or IP output. As far as transcoders go, the VersAtive is license free and transcodes at a high quality with low cost. For instance, the VersAtive will transcode from MPEG 2 to MPEG 4, SD to HD and vice versa. It can also be used for OTT operations as well.

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