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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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ZiXi Press Release

ZiXi Press Release

ZiXi chooses Toner Cable Equipment as a distribution partner for their patented packet recovery software system for Live, HD video transport over the public Internet. With the ZiXi solution, you can save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars on video transport over satellite or fiber by using the public Internet.It can deliver a video source from anywhere to everywhere.

ZiXi of Waltham, MA is a pioneer in the development of their packet recovery solution for transporting Live, HD broadcast quality video over the Internet allowing users to eliminate costly satellite links or fiber optic connections while maintaining quality and security of content. ZiXi can deliver this video quality without stutter, packet loss and frame-freeze despite network conditions over any distance. Their software, through the ZiXi Feeder, ZiXi Broadcaster Platform and ZiXi Receiver, offers reliable and secure video over the Internet or a private network.

By cutting out the satellite or fiber optic means of transporting video, the result becomes cost-effective, less quick and capital efficient. All video’s sent through the ZiXi solution can be viewed regardless of device. Whether a user views a video on their TV, computer, tablet or mobile device, the video will keep its high quality consistency.

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