1 M/E KULA Production Switcher
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Grass Valley - 1 M/E KULA Production Switcher

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The Kula 1 M/E is available with 18 inputs and 6 assignable outputs are available with 6 bidirectional I/Os. It provides 20 total M/E key layers and 10 channels of Clipstore output.

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  • 2 RU
  • 6 assignable outputs and 6 bidirectional inputs or outputs
  • M/E supports 4 full effects keyers with lin/luma, 4 assignable DVE engines (will give 8 independent boxes)
    • Chromakeys available on all keys
    • Transition keyer (Mav Trans) with dedicated ClipStores for key & fill
    • Mask generator per keyer
    • Separate wipe generator
    • Matte generator
  • Sub M/E background with 2 keyers* both lin/luma key
    • 1 assignable 2.5D DVE engine (will give 2 independent boxes)
    • Chromakeys on any output or use with the M/E for more keying power
    • RGB, YUV, and Bleed color correction
  • Large internal ClipStore with 10 outputs holding 2 minutes of uncompressed HD video and audio content that is totally routable
  • 4 floating resizable downstream keyers for main or aux outputs
  • 4 channels of FormatFusion3 or FormatFusion4 assignable to any input/output or bus*
  • Fully flexible internal multiviewer with 4 heads and 16 tiles
  • Control:
    • 66 GPI/Os, 2x RS-422 ports, 3 Ethernet ports for control panel and TCP/IP protocols
    • USB ports for user/clip/system files import, export and backup
  • 1 M/E control panel with a choice of 16 or 24 crosspoint buttons. Designed with clear OLEDs, RGB push buttons and shaft encoders for quick and granular control
  • Sophisticated macro recall and edit capability
  • Clearly labeled control panel with separate mnemonics for source, key and macro names
  • Instant delegation buttons for macros or key and aux bus control
  • T-bar with direction strip indicators
  • Can be expanded by connecting other Kahuna Maverik modules

* Sub M/Es functionality shared to be either Sub M/Es or FormatFusion3 or FormatFusion4 engines.


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