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Times Fiber Communications (TFC) - 2391

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Times Fiber Communications, Inc. Series 6 and 11 cables are used throughout the premises in today’s HFC networks. These products meet all industry standards, including ANSI / SCTE 74 2003, Specification for Braided 75 Ohm Flexible Coaxial Drop Cables. Available for indoor-premise, general purpose, aerial self-support, and burial applications. Times Fiber Communications’ innovations have improved the quality and reliability of the installation, therefore improving customer satisfaction. All TFC drop products are UV stable and resistance to extreme temperature variations.


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T10 RG6 drop cable by Times Fiber is available in more than 90 variations from basic 60% braid to Dual, Messengered & Quadshield.

We stock the following varaiations of RG6 series drop cable:

2360V   RG6 Standard 60% Braid Cable, UL Listed V

2386   RG6 Standard 60% Braid Cable, Flooded

2364   RG6 Standard 60% Braid Cable, Messengered

2391   RG6 Standard 60% Braid Cable, White

32260   RG6 Quadshield 60/40% Braid Cable, UL Listed

2260   RG6 Quadshield 60/40% Braid Cable, Flooded

2627V   RG6 Trishield 77% Braid Cable, UL Listed V

2628   RG6 Trishield 77% Braid Cable, Messengered

2629  RG6 Trishield 77% Braid Cable, Flooded


Times Fiber Communications (TFC)

Times Fiber Amphenol is a global manufacturer of high quality cables, fiber optic management equipment, and interconnect products for cable television, satellite, data, and powering applications for broadband communications networks. TFC/Amphenol is recognized worldwide as one of the pioneer developers of broadband cable technology and has to its credit a long list of technical expertise in foam polymer processing, application-specific product development, and unsurpassed, world-class customer service and support.