624B Video Sensor, Audio follow Video 2 x 1 switch
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Monroe Electronics - 624B Video Sensor, Audio follow Video 2 x 1 switch

$352.00 Each

Monroe Electronics’ Model 624B Video Sensor provides automatic 2×1 balanced stereo-audio-follow-video switching, controlled by Video sync pulses.

The 624B detection circuit monitors the loss of composite sync pulses on the primary video input. It automatically switches to the secondary video input upon loss of sync pulses. It remains in this state until the primary video returns, prompting the 624B to switch back to the primary video input.

This state of the art configuration allows accurate, clean, dependable switching in unattended locations.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


Monroe Electronics

EAS Systems For Cable TV & Broadcast Founded in 1954 in Rochester, NY (Monroe County), Monroe Electronics started out as a custom engineering house, designing and manufacturing specialized instrumentation & systems for local industries. In the late 1970’s, working with HBO, they pioneered the use of cue tone switching for unattended headend control in the CATV industry, such as Program timers, Stereo A/V switches. In recent years, Monroe developed EAS - Emergency Alert Systems that have been widely accepted in the Cable TV and Broadcast markets. Monroe strives to be innovative while maintaining their reputation for quality, reliability and service.