CynerG2 Dual Program Digital HD/SD Standalone Broadcast Graphics System
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Compix - CynerG2 Dual Program Digital HD/SD Standalone Broadcast Graphics System


Dual Channel System in HD-SDI and SD-SDI
Compix CynerG2 is the premium broadcast quality solution for your real time graphics needs. Upgrade to the CynerG2 system and make it perfect for any environment working in HD and SD-SDI, all with stunning output quality. The CynerG2 provides you with easy-to-use broadcast quality graphics you need today which can be an elegant upgrade for your future CG needs.

Twice the Power, Not Twice the Price
Dual channel CynerG2 systems are all about giving you the power of two systems in one chassis for 40% less than the cost of two separate systems. Use the power of both channels to create multiple overlays with our built-in downstream keyers and add to the visual interest of your graphics output with over 260 built-in page-to-page transitions including fade, credit rolls, and crawls. Two completely different streams with separate look and feel can run from each channel. Apply lower thirds and full screens on the first channel and, with the included NewsScroll application, add ticker crawls, a logo, time, and temperature on the second channel.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in



The World's Easiest Way to Create Beautiful Broadcast Graphics Compix Broadcast Graphics are high performance PC based broadcast systems that generate static or animated characters and graphics into or over a video stream in real time. Also commonly referred to as character generators (CGs), Compix broadcast graphics are used in over 100 countries by broadcast stations, post production facilities, educational institutions, houses of worship, government studios, military facilities, sports arenas, and corporate multimedia departments to generate their creative identity. Compix believes in standing behind every product we make and supporting every one of our customers. Since 1986, our experience in designing ONLY broadcast graphics guarantees our systems will give you rock solid performance for years to come.