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Eagle Comtronics Inc. - EBWLP

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The brick wall lowpass passes from 5 MHz to a desired cut off frequency with a minimal amount
of insertion loss. By utilizing a sharp selective custom designed lowpass filter and combining it
with a Brick Wall Deletion filter we create the sharpest lowpass network available. The very sharp
cutoff characteristic of this filter allows the channels above the desired channel to be attenuated.

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Removal of a series of channels or frequencies to
allow the reinsertion of a locally originated signal.
Commercial Accounts, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Homeowners
Exceptional Low Insertion Loss
Temperature / Frequency Stable
Rack Mount or Wall Mount Options
Connectors “F” Type
Power Passing Available


Eagle Comtronics Inc.

The Eagle Brand is synonymous with high quality Traps & FiltersEagle Comtronics has been a recognized leader in RF (Radio Frequency) communication and filter manufacturing since 1975. Known for industry changing innovations in Cable TV Trap & Filter technology, Eagle branded products can be found within all major cable television systems around the globe. As a U.S. based manufacturer, the Eagle crest has become synonymous with high quality and on-time delivery among industry insiders.

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