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Return Path Window Filters
A window filter attenuates ingress and noise in the sub-low portion of the cable network. It is similar to a high-pass filter, with the added feature of a bandpass, which permits a return signal to pass from the subscriber to the cable operator. This allows the cable operator to offer digital set tops, modems, and telephony along with an excellent method of ingres suppression. Continuing to realize that many installation locations are available, side of the house, tap ports, lock boxes and pedestals, Eagle Comtronics offers solutions to fulfill all your installation needs.

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  • The EZWHP features a reduced diameter that easily fits inside congested security boxes and between tightly spaced tap ports, providing easier mounting on ground/splitter installations at the subscribers premise. Measures 1.825”.


Eagle Comtronics Inc.

The Eagle Brand is synonymous with high quality Traps & FiltersEagle Comtronics has been a recognized leader in RF (Radio Frequency) communication and filter manufacturing since 1975. Known for industry changing innovations in Cable TV Trap & Filter technology, Eagle branded products can be found within all major cable television systems around the globe. As a U.S. based manufacturer, the Eagle crest has become synonymous with high quality and on-time delivery among industry insiders.

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