F11-ALM one piece F Connector for RG-11 Coax Cable
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Toner Cable - F11-ALM one piece F Connector for RG-11 Coax Cable

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Standard Hex Crimp One Piece F Connectors for RG-11 cable

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  • Quality Plating – Provides maximum corrosion protection
  • Annealed ring – Provides easy crimp with maximum holding power without rupturing
  • Hex crimp design – One-half inch crimp ring with mandrel provides secure grip and maximum pull strength
  • Uses standard .475 hex crimp tool
  • One piece attached ring – Ensures even distribution of pressure, thus eliminating shield fatigue caused by flexing or tension  cable
  • RG11 standard up to 67% braid


Toner Cable

Toner Cable Digital & Analog Electronic Equipment Founded in 1971 by Bob Toner, Toner Cable was an early innovator of electronic multi-taps and antenna products. Over the next thirty years, Toner Cable continued to develop as a leading cable equipment provider, growing into the computer systems and satellite services industries. Today Toner Cable continues to be a provider and manufacturer of digital and analog electronic equipment including headend electronics, broadband video and radio frequency distribution products, TV antennae, satellite, fiber optic and test equipment, as well as I/P Ethernet network tools. We'd like to invite you to browse our extensive line of fiber optic equipment, including testing tools, enclosures, cables, splicing units, power supplies, as well as data and Ethernet cables.

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