G-CH-AFM KS Female to F Male Adapter
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Gilbert Engineering /Corning - G-CH-AFM KS Female to F Male Adapter

$9.33 Each

Corning Gilbert introduces the next generation in 2-piece connector technology, with patented design
features that provide clear performance advantages over traditional two piece connectors.

Only the G2 Series gives installers a full view of the cable’s center conductor insertion into the connector
seizing mechanism, eliminating traditional blind entry installations. A unique center conductor seizing
system prevents actuator lockup and preserves connector reusability. With the patented support
sleeve located in the back nut of the connector, cable “pull back” is minimized. This eliminates cable
kinking typically associated with 2-piece connector installation.

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• Support sleeve located in main

• Unique Actuator closing mechanism nut assembly reduces “pull back” preserves reusability during installation

• Flush insulator prevents moisture

• Back nut radius allows smooth from collecting or migrating along transition of heat shrink tubing the path

• Visible entry of center conductor into

• Non-rotational design for seizing mechanism(no blind entry) installation and disassembly

• Brass pins with bright acid tin plating for excellent RF conductivity


Gilbert Engineering /Corning

Providing Connectivity Solutions That Customers Can Rely On Corning Gilbert, a world leader in RF connectivity, continuously develops new interconnect technology for improved RF system performance, reliability, and efficiency. Their products are used in a range of diverse applications from broadband communication systems to telecommunications, defense systems, and test and measurement. Corning's design expertise is complemented by the high quality of their products and dedication to customer service.

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