H30D3 Analog / Digital / DOCSIS 3.0 Spectrum Analyzer
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Televes - H30D3 Analog / Digital / DOCSIS 3.0 Spectrum Analyzer

$1,649.00 Each

The Televes H30D3 Signal Level Meter has a complete set of easy-to-use functions to install and monitor analog and digital cable TV, and DOCSIS 3.0 networks on-site or remotely. Troubleshoot those hard to find, intermittent problems using its unique in its class remote measurement and control capabilities to provide long term monitoring. With the H30 Series signal level meters you can ensure quality at all times, while you are on site and while you are away. The H30 Series provides the complete portfolio of tools needed to assure the quality of analog and digital television and DOCSIS 3.0 services delivered over cable. Combined with our powerful real-time advanced techniques and unparalleled ease-of-use, the H30 is the ideal tool for engineers and technicians installing and maintaining next-generation cable systems.

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  • 5-1000 MHz
  • Data Throughput Test – Speedometer
  • Modem Emulation – Building a Bridge
  • Spectrum Analyzer – 2.5 MHz to Full Span
  • Channel details
  • -30 to +60 dBmV range
  • BER & MER
  • Pass / Fail Indicators – Improve Decision Making
  • Tilt Function – Always in Balance



Providers Of Industry-Leading Hand-Held Meters And Analyzers Televes believes in delivering superior quality products through a truly “state-of –the-art” manufacturing process, as well as vigorous post-production certification testing. They stay true to their company motto: “Quality is manufactured, not controlled”.Their hand-held meters and analyzers, available through Toner Cable, provide lab-quality real time digital processing with an intuitive user interface, which reduces the learning curve. Televes Analyzers provide unrivaled speed and mathematical precision for all your measurements needs.

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