LP-CH-16B LaserPlus 3RU Rackmount Chassis
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Olson Technology - LP-CH-16B LaserPlus 3RU Rackmount Chassis

$1,330.00 Each

The Olson LP-CH-16 Chassis fits into a 19-inch EIA rack, and holds up to 15 interchangeable, hot swappable, plug-in application modules. Each chassis requires one power supply & accepts a 2nd for hot redundant backup, & has provisions for both local monitoring & remote SNMP element management. The chassis is very compact, occupying only 5.25” (3 RU) of rack space. Universal slots accept almost any “mix-and-match” combination of Olson Technology, Inc. LaserPlus Model LP-x transmitter, receiver, EDFA, block downconverter, passive optical coupler or WDM application modules, to accommodate a limitless variety of service delivery architectures and provide flexibility and scalability in headend/hub design and zone arrangements.

It also includes an integrated internal fiber management tray. The connecting optical fiber(s) can enter the chassis from the front, or from fiber routing apertures located on either (or both) sides of the chassis. Once the fiber connection is made, the fiber cable can be secured in an integrated fiber management tray, located above the application modules. Drop slots are conveniently placed along the tray to assure minimum fiber clutter in front of the modules. The application modules slide into the chassis from the front of the rack, and all RF coaxial cables are connected at the rear.

A single AC or DC power supply module plugged into the primary power supply slot# 16 is sufficient to power a fully loaded LaserPlus chassis; two power supplies (in slots# 15 & 16) may be used to provide hot-redundant backup. For maximum failsafe protection, an AC module can be used in combination with a DC module to provide simultaneous AC and DC powering to the LaserPlus chassis.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 18 in


Olson Technology

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