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Pico Digital/ATX - PDASI-IP ASI/MUX IP Streamer

$3,446.00 Each

The PDASI-IP is an enhanced TS re-multiplexer with two-channel IP and ASI output for digital TV broadcasting headend systems like CONDOR. The multiplexer combines all the functions of a normal TS multiplexer—including program multiplexing, PSI/SI editing, PID re-mapping, service filtering, null packet removal, etc.— with eight ASI inputs, two separate ASI output ports, and one Gigabit IP output with two separate channels. The bit rate of each output stream can be up to 216 Mbps.

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  • Eight ASI inputs
  • MPEG transport stream re-multiplexing
  • Null Packet Removal
  • SPTS and MPTS stream multiplexing
  • PCR correcting and PID re-mapping
  • Two groups of separate TS outputs (each group has two duplicated channels)
  • Two IP outputs (the copies of two ASI outputs)
  • Two ASI outputs
  • PSI/SI editing
  • Huge buffer memory to eliminate stream overflows
  • Support for multiplexing one program to all outputs
  • SNMP alarm traps supported
  • Network software upgrade
  • High reliability design and stable operation
  • Full front panel control
  • SNMP control supported
  • Fully compliant with ISO13818 and EN300 468 standards


Pico Digital/ATX

Committed to providing multimedia delivery solutions for the broadband, satellite, cable and broadcast industries. As a global leader in design, manufacturing and support of high-performance, high-value head-end, infrastructure, distribution and customer premise equipment, Pico Digital is committed to delivering cutting edge technology and products. Through their offerings, Toner Cable is able to bring unprecedented value to our customers – from the world's largest media companies to smaller, local service providers. Pico Digital is a privately held, employee-owned company headquartered in San Diego, CA,and is committed to the success of their customers, and solving real-world business challenges.

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