PICO-PRO Signal Analysis Meter

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PICO-PRO Signal Analysis Meter has been discontinued. Please see replacement PICO-PRO/Q Digital QAM Signal Analysis Meter

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  • 5~870 MHz Operation including SUB-VHF forward and reverse signal measurement
  • 4 Channel plans enables easy switching between Off-Air and CATV signals
  • Frequency or channel selection provides compatibility with channel or data, and other narrow bandwidth carriers
  • Full spectrum scan provides display of up to 100 channels simultaneously
  • Tilt measurement feature provides for simplified system balancing
  • Carrier-to-noise and hum testing provides system performance testing
  • Large easy-to-read graphic LCD display provides quick-glance signal reference
  • AC/DC voltage compatibility allows RF and AC/DC measurements without changing test equipment
  • Automatic power shut-off feature extends time between recharges
  • Bright orange high impact plastic housing and soft leatherette-vinyl protective case with belt clip included

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in


Pico Digital/ATX

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