RPS24/6 LNB Power Supply fully redundant
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Quintech Electronics - RPS24/6 LNB Power Supply fully redundant


The RPS series redundant power supplies provides a centralized power source for as many as 16 LNBs, line amplifiers, splitters or combiners. The unit is comprised of two separately fused power supply modules configured for nominal voltage of 18 or 24 VDC as determined by *Specifications: number and has been designed for international use with an input voltage of 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The power supply modules are on individual drawers to provide easy replacement of a faulty module. Both supplies are monitored by a summary alarm which employs a serial RS-422 interface. On the rear panel, green LEDs indicate power status for each of the input ports. Each input port is capable of supplying up to 900 mA through an automatically resetting circuit limiter. Loads in excess of 900 mA will ‘trip’ the overload detection, shutting down the input port until the current demand drops below the reset threshold point.

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  • Centralized redundant power source for up to 16 active devices including LNBs/LNAs
  • Two hot-swappable (shared) PSUs on individual drawers
  • Allows scheduled maintenance of receivers without interrupting LNB power • Power supply status available by control port on panel
  • Individual AC for each drawer
  • Prevent revenue loss due to LNB failure during feed
  • Replace less reliable and non-redundant alternate LNB power sources
  • AC power inputs are fused for protection
  • DC output to LNBs is overload protected requiring no fuses


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