SMP190R-8VSB 8VSB to IP Stream Media Platform
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Wellav - SMP190R-8VSB 8VSB to IP Stream Media Platform

$3,290.00 Each

This combination is great for any 8VSB to IP turnaround application. The 190R has 12 individual 8VSB inputs across the 3 modules in the chassis and makes use of the onboard IP and ASI ports to allow the user maximum flexibility to meet their turnaround needs. Off-Air sub channels can be included or excluded using the multiplexing features.

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Sharing the same functional modules with SMP100 provides:

  • Compact modular design: 1RU with embedded ASI/IP interface
  • Multi-Function: multiplexing, receiving, QAM and / or IP output
  • Management Port for remote integration and service

Highly integrated digital TV solution

  • This 1RU chassis, the SMP100 chassis includes ASI and IP inputs/outputs.


  • 4, 8 or12 frequencies 8VSB receiving
  • 4 or 8 Frequencies of QAM modulating
  • 4 or 8 8VSB Broadcast input, Digital Turn Around to QAM output
  • 12 8VSB 12 TS streams To IP Output

Stream Processing

  • Up to 4 Gbps processing power
  • Internal multiplexing or pass-through capabilities

Embedded I/O Interfaces:

  • 4 x 100Mbps (2 In and 2 Out) ASI and 1 GbE TS/IP (real input/output up to 860 Mbps) interface on chassis

Management interface

  • Supports both Web GUI and client-based NMS
  • SNMP compatible management port
  • Configuration importable or exportable for easy maintenance
  • Signal status monitoring



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