TFCC Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit
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Toner Cable Equipment Inc. - TFCC Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit

$156.00$290.00 Each

The TFCC is a complete kit for cleaning fiber optic cable end faces and optical bulkhead connectors. As time passes dust can gather on the surfaces of the fiber which can potentially cause attenuation of the signal or even damage to the laser. By setting up a cleaning routine you can eliminate this possibility and ensure a trouble free system. This kit also has an option to add the FOM-400 Fiber Microscope. The FOM-400 is a Precision Optical Microscope for inspecting the end face of fiber optic cables for damage or dirt. 

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The TFCC contains the equipment needed to clean both the fiber connector end face as well as the bulkhead fitting that they are plugged into. It features a can of air to remove dust from the vicinity of the connection, a bag of sticklers to clean a mating sleeve, clean wipes for cleaning the connectors, a fiber connector cleaner for cleaning the end face of the fiber, a one click bulkhead cleaner for cleaning the fiber bulkhead connection and a handy canvas carrying bag. This kit also has an option to add the FOM-400 Fiber Microscope.

  • DCA1017 Canned Air
  • MCC-FA1 Sticklers cleaners
  • MCC-WFW Clean Wipes
  • CLE-22 Fiber connector cleaner
  • FCC-2.5 One click Cleaner
  • Canvas carry bag

With Option

  • FOM-400 Fiber Microscope

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 8 in
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TFCC with FOM-400 Option, TFCC Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit


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