BTY-LP-BB Broadband VHF (2-13) Log Periodic Heavy Duty Antenna (DISCONTINUED 10/2020)

Blonder Tongue BTY-LP-BB Broadband VHF (2-13) Log Periodic Heavy Duty Antenna (DISCONTINUED 10/2020)

Blonder Tongue's  BTY Broadband Antenna Series includes professional quality, broadband antennas designed for a variety of VHF and UHF applications. The BTY-LP-BB covers VHF channels 2-6 and 7-13 using 12 antenna elements. The BTY Broadband Antennas feature high gain, flat response, narrow beamwidth, and low side lobes.

These antennas are designed with a shortened dual boom allowing the antenna to be shipped via UPS to reduce freight and handling costs. Square boom construction and end-sealed aluminum elements provide added strength, excellent wind resistance and exceptional weathering properties. The heavy duty mounting bracket is positioned at the antenna’s center of gravity for balanced mounting to the mast. This antenna can be rear mounted using a BTY-C-MOUNT Cantilever Antenna Mount. This style mount permits attaching the antenna to either the horizontal or vertical tower members. The BTY Series Antennas can accommodate a maximum mast size of 2.5” O.D. (outside diameter).  These antennas feature a 75 Ω type “F” connector to provide feed on coaxial cable down leads. The BTY-LP-BB has been fabricated to allow mounting the BTY-UHF-BB on the front of the antenna. Joining these two antennas will create one complete VHF/UHF broadband antenna.

This product is discontinued.
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