C-Band Interference Filters
  • C-Band Interference Filters

Eagle Comtronics Inc. C-Band Interference Filters

Eagle Comtronics C-Band Interference Filters are designed for use in both single and multi-feed receive antenna applications. The units are easily installed between the C-Band feedhorn and the LNA or LNB. With the enhanced Bandpass filter, these filters offer the industry’s highest out-of-band interference suppression of cellular frequencies, commercial and military navigational communications (radar), as well as coastal / marine vessels operating below the C-Band. Typical suppression level of -45 dB is achieved at the lower and upper interfering frequencies, compared to the current industry level of 20 - 25 dB.
With filtering performed at the C-Band frequencies, the overall picture quality is improved, as the filter prevents overload of the LNA and LNB.

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