CA-30/1000 1 GHz Broadband Push-Pull Distribution Amplifier
  • CA-30/1000 amplifier offers easy-access controls and low-loss

Pico Digital/ATX CA-30/1000 1 GHz Broadband Push-Pull Distribution Amplifier

The Pico Macom CA-30/1000 is a high-quality push-pull, wall-mounted distribution amplifier that produces signals with extremely low-noise and harmonic distortion. The amplifier is capable of broadband 158-channel operation over the 54-MHz to 1000-MHz range. This amplifier makes an excellent distribution system amplifier for heavily loaded MDU and broadband CATV and SMATV systems. Because of its extremely low-noise figure and low distortion, the CA-30/1000 is ideally suited for use in larger networks where amplifier cascading is required. In expanding bi-directional broadband systems, the CA-30/1000 can be used in conjunction with Tru-Spec Sub CATV diplexers to split forward and reverse paths. Alternately, Pico Macom’s PIDA series of bi-directional amplifiers may be used.

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