Carousel Character Generator/Video Messaging System
  • Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage Solution provides multi-zone high resolution output

Tightrope Carousel Character Generator/Video Messaging System

Your Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage software should be easy enough to use with very little training. It should be powerful enough to communicate with your audience effectively. It should empower your co-workers to contribute content. Carousel was built with all of these objectives in mind.

Channels, Zones, Bulletins, & Templates

In a Carousel system, the channel is a unique set of content, like a channel on a television. Separate areas of the screen are called zones, and you can have as many zones or as few zones as you would like. Within each zone you play bulletins of any type, there are no restrictions. A template is a form that has been created for each type of bulletin to make the content contribution process as easy as possible. You enter information into the template, and Carousel composes the bulletin beautifully.

Content Creation Software

With Carousel, everything you need to create brilliant digital signage is included in the software. Yes, you can import multiple types of image files, and yes, Tightrope provides many useful templates with each channel provided, but Carousel also includes a complete content creation package which we call the “Template Editor”, that allows you to create and edit new content and templates, as you need them.

Managing Content

Scheduling your bulletins is at the heart of any digital signage system and content management is built into all Carousel servers. Content management allows you to share content among different zones and channels. With Carousel, you decide when and where you want your content to run, and Carousel calculates the playlist based on the parameters you set.

Completely Predesigned Channels

Every Carousel system comes with a completely pre-designed channel that includes dozens of the most useful templates for content creation. There are even simple to use templates for sophisticated tasks such as RSS, Facebook, Twitter, schedule integration, traffic cams, streaming video and weather reports. Tightrope also provides close to 50 pre-built and editable channel designs in a variety of themes available as a free download to all customers.

Model# Model Description Price Quantity  


Paperback-sized Player appliance. Loaded with Player software it will display a Carousel Channel. Install Carousel DSS for Windows® Desktop and it can operate as its own Server/Player and control up to 14 additional Players. 

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1RU rack-mountable Player that can be used in situations where more robust video inputs and outputs are required. It can also be configured to run Carousel DSS for Windows® Desktop and is capable of controlling up to 14 additional Players. 

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Carousel 430 media appliance is paired with Carousel DSS for Windows® Server to accommodate up to 300 Channels of digital signage. The Carousel 430 comes with RAID protection and redundant power. 

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