DATBOSS Antenna with TForce Technology
  • If the DATBOSS can't receive it, nothing can!

Televes DATBOSS Antenna with TForce Technology

Televes redefined the antenna concept. Until now, an antenna was just a receive device for a TV installation in which gain and directivity were the main features. The introduction of an intelligent device like BOSS provided the antenna with the capacity to receive very weak signals with no risk of being affected by very strong signals, fluctuations not affecting the final result: the “dynamic range” concept turns out to be the most outstanding among quality parameters.

Creation of a BOSS with TForce technology, which is based on MMIC components, is an extraordinary milestone in dynamic range optimization. A technology that allowed the reception of distant satellites’ lost signals is now allowing the enhancement of the coverage range in OTA installations.

DATBOSS with TForce technology, is a unique and universal system for the reception of Over-The-Air signals: if DAT BOSS cannot capture it, nothing can.

Model# Model Description Price Quantity  


Antenna for UHF Reception 
Ships in 2 to 4 days



Combined Long Range Antenna for VHF High and UHF Reception 
Ships in 1 to 2 days