DCW775 DOCSIS3.0 Wireless Cable Gateway
  • DCW775

Technicolor DCW775 DOCSIS3.0 Wireless Cable Gateway

As cable standards keep evolving, Technicolor presents the DCW775, a DOCSIS 3.0 four-port GE Wireless Cable gateway. With this new offer Technicolor provides cable operators with high-bandwidth data transmission and enables them to stay ahead in content delivery with game and video over IP. This new generation of high-speed data services solutions introduces up to eight bonded downstream channels and four bonded upstream channels, allowing operators to provide their customers with four channels for data and four channels for dedicated IPTV. Thanks to the integrated dual split tuner solution (two 32 MHz capture windows), the operator will benefit from flexibility in channel allocation: it eases management when the channel frequency plan is loaded or separates data from other services, such as video over IP. The DCW775 contains an MPEG2 over IP Encapsulation solution allowing the support of IPTV with existing QAM (digital video) broadcast infrastructure. 

High Speed Wireless Interface

The DCW775 has a Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless interface, offering speeds of up to 140 Mbps. This newest wireless standard reaches speeds of twice the range of 802.11g, bringing home networking to a completely new level and enabling real time multimedia content streaming over a Wi-Fi network everywhere in the home. The gateway also supports multiple SSIDs.

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