DELTA Multiscreen Video Delivery Platform
  • Deliver a seamless TV experience with Elemental's DELTA software-based video platform
  • Elemental's DELTA enhances OTT services

Elemental DELTA Multiscreen Video Delivery Platform

Elemental® Delta is a video delivery platform designed to optimize the monetization, management and distribution of multiscreen video across internal and external IP networks. Through just-in-time (JIT) video packaging and intelligent caching, the platform enables a complete solution for time shifted TV and real-time content delivery with advanced levels of customization and control, including network bandwidth optimization, profile manipulation and highly targeted ad insertion. Elemental Delta origin and edge functionality integrates seamlessly with the Elemental video processing product suite and allows pay TV operators and content providers to monetize assets by deploying video delivery infrastructure that expands content delivery, enhances OTT services and capabilities, and reduces video distribution costs.

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