DHDC-UV 8VSB Digital Upconverter (vertical housing)
  • DHDC-UV Offers Ultra-Clean Adjacent Channel Performance

Blonder Tongue DHDC-UV 8VSB Digital Upconverter (vertical housing)

Blonder Tongue’s Digital High Definition Processor (DHDP) Series gives cable television operators the ability to easily deliver digital & high definition programming from 8 VSB off-air sources to customers over existing cable systems.

The DHDP series is a two-part system that receives any high definition or digital signal and processes it to any available 6 MHz channel in the 54-806 MHz frequency range. The unit does not modify any of the data stream information throughout the process guaranteeing compatibility with many consumer decoders. Achieving the highest level of signal purity, the DHDP features triple SAW filtering that results in extremely high adjacent channel rejection. Plus, advanced AGC circuitry ensures consistent output signal fidelity. All modules are housed in Blonder Tongue’s advanced die-cast micro housing and compatible with standard micro-modulator racks & power supplies.

With DHDP Series Converters, an operator uses an off-air antenna to receive the digital & high definition programming from local broadcast sources. These signals, currently found in the UHF band, are transmitted in 8 Vestigial Side Band (8 VSB) format. The 8 VSB signal is received by the DHDC-D, converted to IF and then fed to the DHDC-U. The DHDC-U then upconverts the signal to any available channel, including on-channel if desired, for distribution on the existing cable system. The signal can then be viewed at the customers’ homes with any HDTV-capable television or a standard television with an external HDTV receiver.

Ships in approx. 2 weeks
$365 .00