DPI1200 Digital Program Insertion Ad Server
  • Adtec DPI1200 Digital Program Insertion Ad Server has user friendly front panel keypad
  • Adtec DPI1200 Digital Program Insertion Ad Server utilizes a GIGE Ethernet interface to provide rapid media loading

Adtec DPI1200 Digital Program Insertion Ad Server

Adtec's Digital Program Insertion Ad Server is designed to concurrently insert up to twelve MPEG2 or AVC programs into a digital cable or television service, the DPI-1200 Ad Server offers the absolute highest transport standards required for broadcasting. The DPI-1200 imports programs to its core, processes and multiplexes them in preparation for their delivery via ASI output to a single or multiple ad splicers and seamlessly interfaces with Adtec's adVantage Enterprise Management Solution. The DPI-1200 interoperates with ad insertion systems from CCOR and SeaChange as well. 

Combine the ad server with Adtec's mediaHUB-HD Pro or mediaHUB-HD 422 Studio Encoder to bridge the transition from analog and SDI digital insertion to digital program insertion.

  • Twelve Concurrent Inserts:
    The DPI-1200 delivers ads to seamless back-to-back splicing on twelve unique programs. Its ability to stitch together the media and maintain broadcast transport standards is unmatched by the competition.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Input:
    The DPI-1200 utilizes a GIGE Ethernet interface to provide rapid media loading.
  • RAID storage:
    The DPI-1200 includes 300 GB of RAID storage.
  • DVB-ASI Outputs:
    The DPI-1200 provides three mirrored DVB-ASI outputs. This is ideal for interfacing with up to three Ad Splicers concurrently without external ASI distribution hardware.
  • SMPTE-310M (Optional):
    The DPI-1200 optionally provides the highly accurate clock and physical interface for ATSC 8VBS modulators. When SMPTE-310 is enabled, the ASI outputs mirror the SMPTE clock rate.
  • Absolute Control:
    Controlling and configuring the DPI-1200 is userfriendly. Whether using the integrated front panel keypad and LCD or Telnet, the DPI-1200 responds rapidly and reliably to the desires of the operator.
  • Traffic and Billing Interface:
    The DPI-1200 provides a native Traffic and Billing interface. When combined with the Adtec Traffic and Billing Gateway Server, the DPI-1200 will automatically retrieve media and schedules and return logs to their appropriate folders on the LAN/WAN.
This product is discontinued.