DV5 Wireless Digital Signage Player
  • DV5

Video Messenger DV5 Wireless Digital Signage Player

Video Messenger’s DV5 Series of All-In-One-Digital Signboards integrate the media player, high brightness display, expandable local storage and wireless network. Since the power supply cable is the only physical connection to the player, it is easy to achieve a clean and professional presentation anywhere. The Signboards are available in Standard and High Definition and only require a knowledge of PowerPoint® to operate. The included PC based user interface is simple and requires no additional monthly fees. Optional networking services are available for customers that wish to operate a large number of Signboards for one central location. Use your custom PowerPoints, Jpegs, and video files or choose from one of our 400 licensed backgrounds. With Video Messenger’s All-In-One wireless DV5 Series, having a professional looking display has never been so easy and also perfect for many applications where a wired installation can be costly and inconvenient.


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