DVM-150E Digital Receiver, 8VSB, QAM or QPSK
  • DVM-150E

KTech Telecom DVM-150E Digital Receiver, 8VSB, QAM or QPSK

The KTech Telecom DVM-150E is a single rack, Professional DTV Receiver/Decoder with the capability of handling SD and HD MPEG2 4:2:0 DTV signals. Its modular design minimizes cost for the end user and allows it to be used in a wide variety of DTV applications. Seven module slots are available for end users to customize and choose the inputs and outputs that they desire, thus eliminating the extra cost and space of unwanted or unused inputs and outputs. The basic DVM-150E consists of a 1RU chassis equipped with a fan, power supply, motherboard and RS232.

RF Inputs
There are two types of receivers to choose from. The two available tuner modules are:

  • 8-VSB -Tunes to any VHF/UHF channel, CH2-69 QAM -Tunes to any CATV channel, CATV1-125
  • QPSK -Tunes to L-band frequencies

Two LEDs, located on the front panel of the unit, provide the Lock Status and ATSC-PSIP detection of the RF input signal. SNR measurement is displayed on the front panel VFD as well.

Transport Stream I/O
DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M inputs and outputs are available for users requiring MPEG2 transport stream I/O.

Video Decoding
The unit is capable of decoding MEPG2 (4:2:0) Main Profile @ High Level, Main Profile @ Main Level, Main Profile @ Low Level and Simple Profile @ Main Level. It supports all 18 ATSC formats, including 1080i, 720p, 480i and 480p video formats. Analog video options include: NTSC, S-Video, VGA/Y Pb Pr. Digital video options include: SDI/HDSDI. The unit can decode both EIA-608B and 708B standards.

Audio Decoding
Digital and analog audio outputs are available on a variety of connector types. The unit decodes both AC-3 and MPEG1 audio to Analog Left and Right. An additional module can be internally installed, to provide Secondary Audio Programming on any of the three types of connectors.

User Interface 
All settings and controls can be viewed and set using the front panel's VFD screen and directional arrow keys. An RS232 option is available to save time and improve ease of use. Optional Management/SNMP and Ethernet Site Player modules are also available.

Ships in 2 to 3 weeks
$2,380 .00