EcoLink, ProLink & RedLink Optical Transmission Systems
  • Ecolink, Prolink & Redlink series offers many options for stable signal transmissions

RF Design EcoLink, ProLink & RedLink Optical Transmission Systems

Secure and stable RF signal distribution over long distances becomes more and more relevant in satellite communication, broadcast and broadband architectures. The RF-over-Fiber optical transmission system FiberLink represents professional, flexible and reliable solutions for transmitting L-Band and/or IF signals via optical-fiber. It is especially developed for the satellite communications-, broadband- and broadcast industry and excellently suited for integrations in Teleports, Up- and downlink stations, broadcasting operations as well as cable- and IPTV facilities. The FiberLink series offers excellent performance as well as secure and accurate signal transmission over optical-fiber at the highest quality level.

The FiberLink series features 3 different variants - EcoLink, ProLink and RedLink -. The flexible EcoLink system is a straight forward RF-over-Fiber solution for IF and L-Band optical transmission while LNB-supply and gain adjustment is optionally available. The more advanced and professional systems ProLink & RedLink both offer various additional features like Laser/Link/RF-power monitoring, manual and automatic gain control (MGC/AGC), LNB-supply, remote access and configuration while the RedLink features 1:1redundancy (hot-swappable) for both the TX/RX (laser/link) so to assure secure and stable signal transmission at any time.

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