EH24 Encoder Host / Chassis System
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Drake EH24 Encoder Host / Chassis System

The Drake model EH24A Encoder Host is a platform for supporting modular MPEG2 and MPEG4 H.264 video encoders, including the SDE24, HDE24, and SDI24A. The EH24A multiplexes the encoder outputs into a single Clear QAM RF Channel with up to 12 subprograms, configurable via a front panel interface or remotely over a network by Ethernet web server via an Ethernet port located on the rear of the chassis. The EH24A includes provisions for emergency alert services, using either video replacement or SCTE 18 control messages and is fully compatible with Drake’s “Bandwidth Recovery Solution”. The EH24A’s sophisticated transport stream multiplexer can combine any or all of the program streams from the Encoder Modules. The operator may select what programs to include in the QAM output channel and, independent of the QAM output, what programs to output via the DVB-ASI port. The QAM RF output can be specified for either off-air or CATV frequency plans in the 54 to 1002 MHz spectrum. The EH24A and installed Encoder Modules are powered by a highly efficient, integrated switching power supply.

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Encoder Host Chassis System, Single QAM, Single ASI Output 
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Encoder Host Chassis System, ASI Only 
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