EzDROP Flat single Mode fiber drop cable
  • EzDROP

Draka EzDROP Flat single Mode fiber drop cable

Flat out the easiest fiber drop cable to handle, access and terminate.

Draka’s ezDROP Flat version provides easy FTTx (Fiber-To-The-X) installation and termination using existing hardware and methods for drops to homes and businesses. Its flat profile is compatible with economical wedge clamps for self-support aerial spans up to 300 feet, depending on environmental loading. An all-dielectric version eliminates the need for bonding and grounding. A toneable version adds a 24 AWG conductor that provides underground location capability, attached by a web for easy tear-away separation from the cable — the most popular option for underground and multi-purpose installation.  Portable boxes and spools simplify widespread deployment, and preconnectorized ezDROP cables enable plug & play connectivity for quick subscriber additions. Draka’s exclusive BendBright fiber provides craft-friendly bend tolerance over the entire singlemode wavelength spectrum.

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