EZF-6 RG-6 F Type Compression Connector
  • Toner Cable EZ-F56U Compression Connector

Toner Cable EZF-6 RG-6 F Type Compression Connector

The EZF-6 connectors are one piece compression type connectors designed for easy installation on RG6 coaxial cable.

The connectors feature a precision machined brass body for strength and durability along with high RF shielding.

They also feature a Acetal POM Popolymer compression mechanism for superior strength, weather resistance and cable retention.

The connectors are universal type which will fit cables with shielding from standard 60% to quadshield.

An easy to use compression tool, model EZ-596-CT, is available for connector installation. Standard cable strip tools are used, such as the Toner CST-59611 to prepare the cable.

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