FlexLink C2 Switch Series
  • FlexLink C2 switch series provides excellent and stable RF performance

RF Design FlexLink C2 Switch Series

The FlexLink-C2 series represents professional and reliable active RF-switch units available as 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 16:1, 32:1 (1RU/19") and 64:1 (3RU/19") RF-switches allowing to switch the output port to one of the input ports. The units are available either for L-Band (950...2.150MHz) or *IF frequency range (10...200MHz, *upon request only). The FlexLink-C2 RF-switches are perfectly suited for integration in Teleports, Satellite Earth-Stations, as well as Broadcasting and CATV/IPTV architectures. The units feature RF-power monitoring upon request and provide 1:1 power-supply redundancy (hot-swappable). Excellent RF performance assures stable operation and perfect signal quality. A front-panel LC-Display/keypads (1RU/19") or 5,7" touchscreen (3RU/19") allow user-friendly local configuration while remote configuration can be realized via its Ethernet Interface (WEB-GUI/SNMP).

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