GF-625-CH-T KS Male to F Female Adapter
  • GF-625-CH-T
  • GF-625-CH-T KS Male to F Female Adapter

Gilbert Engineering /Corning GF-625-CH-T KS Male to F Female Adapter

Corning Gilbert has made significant performance improvements to its familiar KS male to “F” female adapter, GF-625-CH-T.

Since moisture is a leading cause of intermodulation (CPD) issues, the main  improvement on this product focuses on the elimination of moisture. The design incorporates a standard “F” female port so that a seal ring (G-SR-1/2) is used to prevent moisture entry at the “F” female interface. This adapter, when installed with a seal ring and properly installed weatherproof “F” male connector, gives an excellent barrier to moisture entry.

Another significant improvement is the incorporation of a new high force cylindrical contact. This contact design is all metal Beryllium Copper (BeCu) and does not depend on plastic to maintain high contact forces. Plastic is only used for centering the contact and for guiding the cable center conductor into the  contact. This design ensures long term contact performance in higher temperatures that are commonly seen in modern installations. This helps to prevent any intermodulation (CPD) issues related to light spring contact.

These issues are becoming more important due to the required usage of the return band for data and VOIP services.

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KS Male to F Female 60 Hz AC Power Blocking 
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KS Male to F Female Adapter 
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