Thor Broadcast H-1-4SDI-QAM-IPLL

Thor Broadcast HD-SDI to QAM modulators are combination devices that bundle real time HD hardware encoders with a managed program stream multiplexer and agile RF QAM modulator.  Each chassis can encode up to 4 channels of HD-SDI video to MPEG-2 or H.264 and modulate the programs on up to 4 QAM carrier outputs. These are individual encoding channels that can be setup and operated in individual settings; inputs 1 & 2 can be setup in Mpeg2 and have 720i resolution while inputs 3&4 can be setup in H.264 and output 1080p. In addition to the encoded programs, the unit can also modulate programs encoded externally via an ASI input.  Most notably Thor Broadcast utilizes some of the fastest encoding speeds in Mpeg2. When you're trying to broadcast SDI video over IP or RF, professionals in all backgrounds choose Thor for their paramount applications. Pro-DVB integration personnel's first choice in live video applications like the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR circuits, and even F1 tracks around the globe all rely on Thor Broadast's fastest encoding speeds to ensure their viewers and fans all see the race as close to the real thing as possible. Reliability is our foremost concern, these encoder/modulators have stood the test of time globally in performing arts centers, governements, military installations, and high end security applications mean that you'll have an excellent product for years to come. 

Ships in 1 to 2 weeks
$4,500 .00